Monday, March 30, 2009


Progress has been made on the argyle vest. There is now a front and a back.

Now to settle in for a few hours of end hiding.

The fabric for the poodle skirts should arrive by Friday.
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Friday, March 27, 2009


As I climbed the stairs to my office this morning, a young man asked "Miss, are you wearing stockings?" Puzzled, I answered "Yes, why do you ask?"

The answer? (swallow any liquids, please, I will not be responsible for broken keyboards)

"Your legs look so clean!"

I paused a moment and said "well I do wash them ..."

(What will he say when I start riding in shorts and my legs are constantly stained with bicycle grease?)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Math and Crafts

The children joined the school drama club and will be appearing in "Bye Bye Birdie" in early May. School plays require costumes.

For the Sweet Apple Teen, Debra Sue (aka Sqidette), it means a Poodle skirt.

This prompted the statements "fast, divided 28 by pi," and "32 X 4 divided by 36," the latter in an effort to figure out the real yardage needed versus what we purchased.
I blew it. Before we even got to this point. I really should have reread the instructions instead of assuming that I could wing it. This skirt is supposed to be about 4 inches longer. Oops!

No Knees allowed. That said, the kids tell me that one of the other girls is smaller then Little Squid. So, this will be hers if she wants it. At least it gave me an opportunity to figure out what has to be done.

As I've volunteered to make all of the skirts if needed, this is a good thing. The girls are supposed to make their own. I really do not see that happening.

Then there is Little Squid's costume. He plays Harvey Johnson, a geek who is trying to get a date to the prom.
Can you say "argyle vest?" The graph was charted by Little Squid, hence the statements "69 is and easily dividable number -- use it instead" and "2x +1 is always an odd number." The first statement was originally "69 is an evenly dividable number" which prompted Mike to tell me to go back to looking cute since my brain obviously was not working.
There are also sweater pieces blocking but that is another post. One to be written after the sweater is assembled.

Math Day

Math in the real world -- or at least at Casa del Squid. The following sentences were really uttered by me this morning, directed at one or the other child ...

"Fast, divide 28 by pi."

"32 X 4 divided by 36"

"6 X16"

"69 is an easily dividable number -- use it instead"

"2x + 1 is always an odd number."

We are not studying for a test. Any ideas as to what we might be doing?

Sunday, March 08, 2009

On the Road Again

At 7:30 a.m. yesterday morning, the outside temperature registered 51 degrees and the forecast was for a high in the 60s. The kids and I donned our riding gear (o.k, I donned my riding gear, they ride in street clothes), loaded panniers and backpacks and set off for band practice and work.

We rode all of 2 blocks before Squidette proclaimed "we are definetely riding tomorrow." And then "I am so glad we didn't drive!"

Me too.

We had a lovely ride uptown and then Mike rode uptown to join us and we all rode home together, taking a detour to avoid all the "first nice day" recreation riders in Central Park.

This morning Squidette woke up feeling a bit under the weather but had chirped up enough by 10:00 to saddle up for a quick ride to the Manhattan Fairway Market.

I got to wait with the bikes while the kids and Mike went inside for provisions.

The greenway is now open from 125th Street to 135th (or so) making for a much nicer waiting spot then the parking lot.
The ride uptown was tough as we were fighting a serious headwind but the ride back was lovely. Until I went to put up Little Squid's bike.
Did I mention that I had to raise both their seats by at least an inch?

His is just barely fitting on the rack now. There is about 1 inch between the seat and the ceiling which does not bode well for the rest of the summer. The next time we raise his seat we will have to come up with other storage plans ... or have to lower the seat after every ride.

I think his legs must be longer then Squidette's were at this age. We never had this problem when she rode this bike.

Total weekend milage: 24.8 miles

YTD: 24.8 miles

Average: 12.4 over 2 rides.

Both kids are hoping for nice weather next weekend so we can do it again!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Tire Iron Fairy?

We all know that if you leave a tooth under your pillow, the tooth fairy comes and leaves money. What happens if you leave a set of tire irons under your pillow? Or a quick stick? Or ... both?

Squid bike tires are now pumped and ready to roll. This weekend is supposed to be lovely and we are looking to ride at least on Sunday and, perhaps, tomorrow.

I was prepping, in hopes of riding up to band practice tomorrow, when the valve on my front tire blew. Fifteen minutes or so later, with a little help from my spouse, I have a new tube in my tire. This was the first time I've changed a tube on my Bike Friday and the first time in many years that I've done any work on a bike. I am blessed with a husband who just takes charge of the tire issues. Tonight, however, I started on my own figuring that I should get my skills back since I hope to go back to riding every day. I need more practice. My tires are hard to get off the rim. And I snapped my thumb with a back firing tire iron. Ouch.

The tools wound up under a spare pillow because I tossed them on the bed and then tossed the pillow on top of them as I moved it off the floor.

With luck, Squid on Wheels 2009 starts tomorrow. Or maybe Sunday. Watch this space!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Interview Time

After 6 months at my new school, it is finally time to interview for my job.

Yup, I've been an "interim acting Assistant Principal" since September.

Isn't "Interim Acting" redundant?

Tomorrow I interview for real.

New York City has a very interesting process for those who wish to become Principals and Assistant Principals. (Only read it if you have absolutely NOTHING else to do. Your head will start spinning pretty quickly.)

I should not be nervous. After all, I've been doing the job for 6 months now.

But I am. Nervous.

I should be knitting but instead I am waiting for my nails to dry.

I think I'll go hug my kids now.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Not Mini-me but yes, Oh My!

Remember this post? I'll wait. Go all the way to the end, please.

May I please brag again?

Little Squid,

in concert,

on stage,

at Carnegie Hall,

with the New York Pops,

Monday, April 27!!!

(Playing the flute.)

Excuse me while I kvell a bit.

And a bit more ...

Yeah, I'm just really proud.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow Day!

Says it all ... except ... why couldn't they announce it last night ... or before I got up and showered.

More later.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Snow Day? Yeah, Right.

New York City does not readily close its schools.

The weather folk are predicting up to 12 inches of snow.

We are watching the news right now where the school closings are crawling across the bottom of the screen. Looks like the Arch Diocese has already closed all of the Catholic Schools in Queens. Will the Mayor close the public schools. Not likely.


Once, a very long time ago, we had a HUGE snow storm. Out in Queens, where I lived with my folks, we got 18 - 24 inches over night. The Mayor and Chancellor declared, from their posts in Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn, that the streets were clear and schools were open.

From my apartment in Bayside we were looking at streets that had not even dreamed of a plow, let alone seen one.

In order to get to my high school in Manhattan (I was a student, not a teacher) I had to take a bus and two trains.

Did I mention that the streets in my neighborhood had not been plowed? And that there was at least 18 inches of snow on them? The buses were not running.

The District 25 school board overrode (?) the Chancellor and closed the schools in my neighborhood. My father informed me that there was no way I could get to school and I went back to sleep.

The Chancellor fired the District 25 school board.

New York City does not close schools.

I better go find my boots ...