Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back on the Road

After yesterday's glorious weather we woke up raring to go on a family breakfast ride.

O.k., not all of us woke raring to go. A certain teen actually had to be woken up ...
The first part of our ride was fairly quick and uneventful, ending at the Brooklyn Fairway where we chowed down on apple fritters, muffins, hot chocolate, coffee and tea on the patio. We were a bit chilly because we had all managed to underdress just a wee bit.Properly fed, we then pedaled the short distance to Ikea -- to discover that they did not open for another 45 minutes. That led us to look for and find 2 geocaches. Yea!

Returning to Ikea, Mike went in and restocked our supply of lingonberry juice concentrate. And chocolate.
Now that we had secured life's necessities, Mike was eager to play with the geocaching mode on his new phone and was quite amiable to more caching. All told, we attempted 7 caches and found 4 today, bringing our total to 150. Not-So-Little Squid and I have declared a goal of at least 200 caches by the end of the summer. This means that we may actually have to cache outside of Manhattan and Brooklyn.
While approaching the site of our third cache of the day, we skidded to a halt when we spotted this:

These folks are building bamboo frame bikes. Cool!Over all, a good day. 23 miles over 4 hours with lots of stops for caching.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Dish Towels

I've been admiring Dave's weaving and absolutely had to try one particular pattern. So, I threaded the loom in a straight twill, alternating white and blue cotton.

Unfortunately, to get the pattern to come out the way that I wanted, I had to beat very firmly, resulting in a rather stiff fabric. (look at the bottom 20 inches)
Then I started playing with different tie ups. The last one (on the left and at the top) is my favorite. It has a nice drape and looks really cool.

I also really like the second from the left but I ran out of white 14 inches in so it will be more of a dish cloth then a dish towel.

Next up, baby blankets!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Squid On Wheels: First Ride of 2010

Notice, if you will, that we are all now riding Bike Friday folding bicycles. Little Squid was upgraded and brought into the fold yesterday, so today we had to do a quick shakedown ride.

Go Squid!