Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Contest Winner!

My sincerest apologies for not posting the winner to this contest.

And the winner is ... Susan! Susan guessed 472 miles and we rode 474 miles. What did you do Susan? Bug our GPS? Congratulations! Email me with your favorite yarn colors and give me an excuse to hit Knitty City this weekend. The 2007 "Guess the Squid Mileage" contest will probably open sometime in April.

Life is very normal around here with the most "exciting" thing being the current lack of car while GEICO performs the repairs. Yes, it is costing us our deductible which is intentionally on the high side since after 9 years of car ownership this is our first claim. What it means to be carless is that the morning commute is a bit messier and the afternoon commute (on a day when Squidette has to be picked up from afterschool) is a lot messier. Hopefully we will have the car back by the end of today.

The current baby-blanket-in-progress is now half done. Yesterday I wrote out all of my "must do by the holidays" projects and I better get cranking. I have another baby blanket to get done after this one and a few teacher scarves. I think that my current charity blanket block will be the last one outside of Mitzvah day for a while. It makes number 11 and I figure I should be able to get one or two more done on Sunday for an even dozen / bakers dozen. I also found a scarf made but never given a few years ago. That, too, will go in to the charity pile for the school clothing drive.

In other news, I have declared November to be the "Give Thanks for Stash I Have" month and am trying to knit entirely from stash and not purchase anything new for myself. I have already figured out how to use those cones of lace weight merino for the teacher scarves (multiple strands to make a worsted or bulky yarn) and realized that I have 2 skeins of "snake scarf" yarn in the stash for other gifts that have to be given. This is not a yarn diet per se but rather a move to move out some stash that has been marinating for a while. The dig for the yarns for the blanket blocks revealed a lot of stuff that has just been sitting in the stash for a while and I need to figure out how to use it.

Now ... to slog off through the rain to the subway. I hate the subway in the rain!


Cookie said...

Congrats, Susan!

I hope the car returns today. And well done, you, for working on your stash like that.

Susan said...

I won??? I won!!! be glad I'm not posting a video of me dancing around the computer! I'd totally forgotten about the contest, but I do remember actually trying to figure a number and then laughing at myself because I'm so NOT a math person!

While you're digging through your stash be glad it's not mine. Except for sock yarns and one other exception there is a lot of Lion Brand in there.