Saturday, February 25, 2006

Negative Squid

I was going to show you cool pictures of the heel of the in-progress squid socks. I was going to gloat about how well it worked out. I was going to fly up the leg last night as I watched Twins. Instead, I show you this:

Yes, that is crinkled. I had to do some frogging. O.k., ... I had to frog the entire sock. Shortly after putting enough ankle on it to matter, I decided to have Mike try it on. Uh oh. It was a tad too small. After spending only a few minutes debating if it could be worn anyway, it was off to the frog pond and back in to the sock on larger needles. Note the red smudge in the upper left -- it is a paperclip and marks where I got last night. I plan to spend much time today reading blogs and knitting stockinette in order to get back to the heel as fast a possible. I am a driven woman. Now that I have figured out how to get tentacles where I want them I must finish these socks!

Yesterday we spent a lovely afternoon in Chinatown. I would show you pictures but it was really too cold to take out the camera outside. Instead I give you this:

The kids in a pastry shop in Little Italy. Yum!

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