Saturday, March 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Amanda!

There should be a picture of the Birthday Girl inserted here:

However, I do not seem to have a current one. I will remedy that when I see her later this week.

Amanda is my younger sister and the youngest of my siblings. She is (gasp) 20.5 years younger then me. I will not give away either of our ages because then the bars in her college town will realize that they should not be serving her. Hmmm ... That might not be a bad idea ... But then it would also give away my age. Let it suffice to say that I have a fabulous picture of Amanda at my wedding -- she was 3. (She turned 4 just days later.) Now if anyone wants to track back through my posts and do the math, feel free.

She is the only sibling for whom I can knit socks with confidence since her feet are the same size as mine -- though she claims they are a tad smaller. We are about the same height and weight though shaped a little differently. She is blonde to my brunette and has far more social skills then I will ever posses. She is intelligent, kind, pretty and writes as befits a child of our father. She is also the youngest of 5 and knows it.

This is the sibling who followed me around her high school last year, finding me in every room I went to (and I went to a lot of different rooms) and called me old. She also, complained. "Everyone makes out in front of my locker," she whined. So, what is a vengeful sister to do but grab hold of a convenient male teacher and make out in front of her locker. O.k., the convenient male teacher was my husband ... But it did the trick and elicited the comment "ewwww!" Why? Because her sister was kissing in public? NO! Because we are OLD. Blah!

Amanda -- you are a wonderful sister and I love you dearly but I will NEVER stop telling this story. Happy Birthday!

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