Sunday, May 14, 2006


Some pretty daisies ... just for the heck of it.

I am delaying doing my morning exercise. Please understand that it involves climbing on the road bike that we have set up on a trainer. Think about yesterday and the bumping involved in actually riding a bike on the road versus a trainer. This is why I am delaying. There is very little padding on that part of my body. I could just say "hey, it's Mothers Day ..." or "hey, I did the trainer AND 16 road miles yesterday ..." I really can't count yesterday's miles. They were done so slowly and mostly at a coast as we paced the kids that I do not know if those miles counted as exercise.

As promised yesterday, Knitting content!Woven! It has about 10 inches done so far and is slowly getting there. Remember, I am knitting the entire body in one piece so it will take longer. Right?

Female Child's summer socks. The second sock is actually much further along, I took this picture yesterday before I turned the heel. Maybe, just maybe she will have a new pair of socks today.

And, for your viewing pleasure ... my tomatoes.
There are actually small gree tomatoes on both plants though the ones on the bottom plant (Husk Cherry) are actually visable to the naked eye but not yet the naked camera.

I really will get on the bike now. I mean, hey, I have my spinning to take my mind off of other areas ...


Liz K. said...

Are you doing both socks at once? If so, can you recommend a source for me to learn that technique?

Thanks for all your comments of XRK.

Holly said...

Oooh, gerbera daisies. Definitely one of my favorites. Can't grow them at my studio since there is not enough light on my balcony ;( . Thanks for the compliments on my recent dye job. I look forward to seeing the results of your dye job.