Thursday, August 31, 2006

A day of contrasts

This has been a day of highs and a day of lows. High #1, finding just the right bottom (short skirt) to go with my school T shirt which I had to wear in a show of School Unity today. (It is the small things that make me happy.)

Low #1 seeing how fast the parking spots filled up today. Dealing with parking issues is one of the banes of my work existence.

High #2 -- having my child retrieval issues taken care of for the next few months. This was a big one. Two nights ago the college student that picked the squidlings up from school last year called and said she still had to finalize her program but right then it did not work. We were not supposed to have a solid answer until after school started next week. Somehow she managed to fix it and called me today to tell me so. Then she called me back to ask what Little Squid would like for his birthday. I was on cloud 9. Child retrieval has been one of the biggest fear-shadows since DMIL passed away. She took the kids to and from school every day and cared for them every work day from the time Squidette was 2 months old. Boy I miss her -- and not just for the child care.

Low #2 -- Just before high # 2, a good friend got some very bad news and had to run out of work.

Low #3 -- losing the SD card from my Treo. Fortunately it was a small one and only had my audio books on it. If I am lucky I will find it in my office tomorrow but more likely it popped out one of the times I had to quickly answer my cell phone and just popped the Treo out of it's holster. Since the phone was on silent mode I would not have heard the warning beep that the phone usually gives when the card pops out. I will live and it can be replaced for not too much money but still ...

High # 3 -- this sunset


KnittyOtter said...

Love your sunset!! :D

Glad your kid situation is resolved. That would stress me out. o.0


Ann said...

That is one wonderful beautiful.

I remember the trials and tribulations of kid transportation...I don't miss those days.