Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Debut of the Bike Cam

New today was the "bike cam" that Papa hooked up to the Bike Friday. Unfortunately the camera battery died as we topped the Brooklyn Bridge so I do not have the amazing views of Manhattan as we came back.

I do, however, have several pictures of the backs of Mama Squid, Squidette and Little Squid as Papa was taking up the rear for the early part of the ride.A less-than picturesque street in Manhattan (27th heading west). The pink shirted cyclist is Squidette. Mama is in front of her and Little is on the right.
This is the view as we approach the Hudson River from our building. The building on the right has become trendy office space and I believe that Martha Stewart's headquarters are there though I cannot swear to it. Regardless of who is there, they create the nastiest traffic conditions with the double parking of limos and other VIP type vehicles. Today was quiet but this was early on a Saturday. In the far background is New Jersey. Heading south on the Hudson River path. Directly to the south on the right is the Chelsea Piers sports complex. The blue-shirted figure in front-center is Little Squid.
Same path further south. The cyclist in view is the wonderful Mama Squid. You can tell by her ubiquitous biking backpack.
The Brooklyn Bridge as viewed from east of the first mooring.

The rest of the pictures were taken with Mama Squid's camera at rest.
At our entrance to Prospect Park. No, we did not stop to figure out if they represent anything important. Next time.
Grand Army Plaza.
The sign says it all! (Back in Manhattan.)

When all was said and done, we biked roughly 20 miles and stopped at the Union Square Green Market for all sorts of fresh and yummy fruit and veggies. Dinner was a salad made up of all Green Market veggies except for the tomatoes which were harvested from our own plants. The map of today's ride can be found here.

Since the weather was cool and over cast I actually got a lot of spinning done. Recently I cared up some of the wonderful Shetland acquired at NY Sheep and Wool last year. I ran it through the carder 3 times and have the most wonderful, spinnable batts! I have been doing most of my spinning on the balcony but I usually do not get out there until late afternoon when the sun hits it full force. This means that I am usually only out there for half-an-hour or so until it gets too hot. Today, however, I was out for well over an hour and now I need to card up some more wool to spin! I will try to take some pictures when I do it so you can see my lovely, fluffy batts.


Ann said...

The bike cam gave me a chuckle. The pictures are great. I always enjoy seeing your little corner of the world. Probably because it is so different from the cornfields.

Kirsten said...

Looks like you had a great ride. I love the bike cam idea. Fun!

Looking forward to seeing the photos of your bats.

Cookie said...

I love getting to see where ya'll live. So different from the burbs.

How about a Squid powered cam? :^)