Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Shoes, I got Shoes!!!

The two pair of shoes that I ordered on Sunday arrived today. Woo Hoo!!! And they fit! Now to figure out what to wear tomorrow so I can show off a new pair of shoes. Is that vain or what! I think that I need to look serious on Friday. Hmm... what do you think ... new suit with new shoes? (Just joking, I do not need to look serious on Friday. That was today and I opted for casual anyway.)

I've only been back at work for two days and I am already losing it. Monday I was good and got properly prepared, even putting on my lipstick before I left the apartment. At that point I was sure that I slipped the lipstick in to my purse where it should live for the rest of the year for application on the fly. So, expecting it to be in my purse, I did not even look for it with the rest of my face paints this morning. Fast forward to a wacko lady pulling out the entire contents of her purse at a stop light looking for the blasted lipstick. I even contemplated stopping at a drugstore to get a back up but was not willing to risk a parking ticket to do so. It's o.k., despite being dressed on the casual side and sans lipstick my meeting still went well. I've met with these guys often enough that I do not need the window dressing anymore. I have learned that it does make a difference early on but after a year it should not matter.

So what does a Mother Squid do after a long day of work ... she goes grocery shopping. Note: this is usually a Papa Squid job but I had the car ...

Then, she instigates an asparagus fight at the dinner table.

And on that note ... how was your day?


Cookie said...

You have to show off the new shoes while they are still new. It's part of getting your money's worth.

No... really.

I am hoping Wednesday will be better than Tuesday... for all of us. Yeah, Tuesday was that bad.

cookie a said...

Hooray for shoes! I've been perusing shoes online for a while, looking for the Perfect Shoe.

Your sweater looks lovely!

And boy is it disconcerting to comment and see that "cookie" has already commented.

fashion said...

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