Saturday, August 26, 2006

WIPs and other stuff

I know that I have a lot of works-in-progress and I have neither forgotten nor abandoned them. Woven is in my lap as I type and I am close to finishing the body. The Tulip and Gingham socks are languishing but not forgotten and the Mitered Sweater is waiting to see if I can get any more coordinating roving at Rhinebeck. Yes, I could order it but I have plenty of other stuff to keep me occupied in the mean time. The second dye-o-rama sock is on the needles and the first Corn Maze sock is 75% finished.

On the main wheel is the Shetland that I am processing and spinning. Two more batts were carded and spun today at which point I discovered that the rest of the locks in the bag were a different shade of pink -- the already carded and spun stuff is more purpley. I have a vague memory of buying two different pink shades last year but it was a year ago ... Tomorrow I should finish the spinning of the more purple stuff and start carding up the pink. Maybe I will start plying the purple stuff. On one spindle is some multi-colored silk for a shawl-in-progress, on another some lovely space dyed BFL picked up at Rhinebeck last year from The Fold. On a third is the roving I picked up in Lancaster. The silk is my purse spinning, the BFL is my bike spinning (stationary bike) and the Lancaster roving is my laundry room / playground spinning. So things are getting done, just slowly.

For the last 10 minutes I have been eavesdropping on a conversation between Squidette and a friend. They are comparing back-to-school / new school strategies -- brown bag or lunch box (or school lunch), what kind of back pack to use and where to meet after school. I find this all fascinating. We left much of her shopping undone until she could see what others were doing and then decide how she wants to clothe herself. (Within reason -- I will NOT buy pre-torn jeans.) This year should be interesting as she gains a huge amount of independence and starts commuting (one-way) on her own.

We Squid have spent a quiet day, mostly at home. Seven hours on bikes yesterday took its toll on all of us. Our day's excursion included only a walk to the Green Market with various stops on the way back. Little Squid is now equipped with all of the clothing he should need for this year except for a long-sleeve white button-down shirt. All they had was short sleeve. Blah! I will have to order that when I order their winter jackets. Squidette still needs some jeans because Old Navy does not do "slim" past size 10. She is too tall for the 10 and too slim for the 12. This means I actually have to exert myself here. Have I mentioned that I hate shopping?

My own wardrobe should be ready to go with the last two pair of shoes that I needed now ordered. Over the last few years I have shifted my wardrobe to a more professional look and have slowly started wearing nicer shoes. For most of my career I wore the same style shoe in 3 or 4 different colors. I am not kidding. I would go in to the 9 West outlet and stock up on Blue, Black and Brown in my size with occasional forays into white, off white and tan. I even had one pair in red. All the same, very conservative, very plain, uncontroversial style. Ever since my old boss retired and a new, female, boss took his place, I have paid closer attention to my own look and how people interpret it. I like what I have created and am trying to keep it up even if it means searching for shoes that are not all the same. (Just as long as they click-clack as I make my way through the halls!) I even started wearing lipstick everyday after seeing my boss before she put on her make-up. It really does make a difference -- I never thought it would.

And so it goes. If I knit for the next hour I might finish Woven's body. I'll let you know tomorrow.

Last but not least, for those of you who actually read through the post, some eye-candy -- my squirrel socks which celebrate my prowess with a squirrel trap. (Have-a-heart, I promise.)


Ann said...

You are going to Rhinebeck? There is a possibility that I may venture that direction with Pauly and Cat this year. It's still only in the possibility stages, but I think it would be an amazing place to visit.

During the summer we can dress business casual, but when the semester starts--on Monday we are expected to dress professionally as an example to students. The prez likes for the women to wear skirts and dresses...I go back and forth between liking to wear dresses and liking to wear pants...

My shoe wardrobe is pretty limited to pumps for work and a pair of slut shoes that I bought for my trip to Florida last year. Mostly because my friend said if I wore my Mary Poppins shoes she was tossing them overboard on the cruise ship.


Kirsten said...

My sister and I are planning on heading up to Rhinebeck this year too. I've never been, and am really looking forward to it.

I still haven't started school shopping for my kids. DS starts his freshman year of high school on Friday. I guess I'd better get moving. I'm like you though. I hate it.

The squirrel sock is adorable. Did you spin the wool for that?

Cookie said...

You are so busy! Want do so a couple short row heels for me? *L*