Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A few answers and a poem

To answer the unspoken (and spoken) question "What is Mama Squid going to be for Halloween?" I must simply answer "the Wicked Witch of Manhattan Center." This is where I will dress like an Assistant Principal (albeit one with orange nail polish) and start the morning off by searching backpacks. I will then spend the rest of the day patrolling and waving my orange fingernails around. In the evening I will escort Little Squid and Squidette in a spot of Trick-or-Treating through our double core building. I may wear my Witch hat while doing this and I will knit.

I do not dress for Halloween because of my job. Papa Squid's school is in a position where they can allow the kids to dress up so he joins in the fun. He even teaches in character for the day. That is why choosing a costume for him is a very particular endeavor. After 9/11 he went in as Batman. There was the year of Hans and Frans (with a fellow teacher) and the year of the Hulk. Hans and Frans even went in to the gym to find some "girly men." He has fun with it. The year of Bob Ross he even painted pictures while teaching his classes. We have yet to figure out how to safely do Emeril.

I have very little of fiber content -- some work was done on the second Squidette mitten, the sock-ret pal sock has half a heel flap and the charity blocks are being slowly churned out. The spinning has started on Papa Squid's first pair of handspun socks. I tried to restart the knitting club on Tuesday but a school party took precedence and the next two Tuesday's have no after-school component. Blah!

Tomorrow I have the pleasure of working until 8 PM for parent-teacher conferences, and so does Papa Squid. The squidlings will have the pleasure of being spoiled by their grandparents for the evening.

Lastly, I leave you with the most recent poem posted here. It was written by Squidette. (Ignore the time stamp on her blog -- it is wrong, the poem was posted on Monday.) Please comment on her blog -- yeah, I am schilling for my kid and being a proud mama here.


Susan said...

As well you should be (proud parent). beautiful word pictures, and amazing for someone so young. genes vs. environment...I vote for a combo!

Marni said...

If anyone asks, just tell them you are dressed as the Wicked Witch of the East (Side). A very happy Halloween to all the Squid!

Anonymous said...

Duff man? Are they aloud to drink Duff in high school.. doh.. Cools costumes cousin!