Tuesday, October 31, 2006

True Love

True Love means going to work with yellow hands ... after coloring one's spouse for Halloween.
True Love means creating a Squid out of whole cloth.True Love means using the last of one's eyeliner to create a Pirate's beard three times in one week.

True love is what I feel for these three!

Happy Halloween!!!

P.S. This is what I did while tagging along on the Trick-or-Treating. When I left the apartment it was just yarn and needles. Now it is the start of a blanket for my brand-new niece -- born last night.
And this is how I celebrated Halloween -- with orange fingernails and an orange shirt. Amazingly I did not chip a single nail while searching backpacks.


Anonymous said...

Duff man? Are they aloud to drink Duff in school.. doh.. Cools costumes cousin! misch

KnittyOtter said...

Duff Man!!! *L*

I was NOT expecting that. Too cool! :D

The Kidlets are cute in their costumes.

Congrats on the new squidy in the family! :D

Josh said...

Awesome costumes and a devoted mother...I wish you all had come trick-or-treating by my house...we bought 12 pounds of candy and got just one knock!

Cookie said...

They all look lovely! Nice nails, too. Congrats, Auntie!

Susan said...

Congrats on the new squid! And congrats on putting together such great costumes. I bet they were all a hit! Duff man, indeed LOL