Friday, November 17, 2006

Mess? What Mess?

I should not be allowed in the kitchen. There it is, plain and simple.

All I had to do tonight was to reheat some leftovers so that the kids would not starve. Repackaging the chili would be considered bonus.

How then, did I manage to create a huge mess?

How did I manage to get pasta sauce all over the immersion blender (and cord) while not actually using this device?

How did chili wind up all over the counter?

How did flakes of frozen pizza wind up all over the floor?

How is it that the only person who was really in the kitchen was me and yet the place still took as long to clean as if Mike had cooked?

I give up. Its the couch with a book for the rest of the night. Hopefully I can't get in to too much trouble there!

[Thanks for all the nice wishes about my wrist. It is healing amazingly fast and I might even knit a bit tonight. I swear that I will never lift weights in anger again.]


Cookie said...

I know this is mean, but I say you blame the Squidlings and Mike. If they were hungry and if he was home, none of this would have happened.

/nods knowingly

Cookie said...

Were not hungry.


KnittyOtter said...

It's mystery how these things happen.

Though I say blaiming your hubby and looking the other way might still work. ;)

Susan said...

Remember the knitting fairy that returned the needles with a square. She/he didn't feel properly thanked so stayed just behind you and made the mess.

My mom always said the Borrowers made the messes while they were looking for something to borrow.