Sunday, December 17, 2006

Holiday, Biking and a newish cousin

The weekend essentially revolved around the winter holdidays. Friday was the first night of chanuckah and we tried a new tactic with our menorah -- the traditional window sill placement. Previously there has been too much in the way of flammable material near our window so the candles were lit on the dining roomtable. This, of course, wrecks havoc with our reading material and since chanuckah candles are notoriously wobbly and cannot be moved once lit, we decided to try our currently-clear sill. What do you think?Yesterday found us upstate with Papa Squid's side of the family. Cousins played together and the adults conversed pleasantly. Here is the newest Cousin Squid cozying up to Squidette.This morning found the kids charging and assembling their gifts from the aunts and uncles. Thank you notes were then written using the stationary provided by another aunt. Yup, looks like what I imagine Christmas morning to look like.

Today was a non-stop day from the time we did the rough fit of my bike to the trial ride through Central Park with Papa Squid (the squidlings were in hebrew school) to returning home to do laundry to a trip to Barnes and Noble for last minute gifts and finally to a trip to the post office to mail out said gifts. Got to love living near the main post office! Open 24/7 it is. Candles, dinner and then some time in the lobby so that Little Squid could get the most out of the remote control hummer with which he was gifted. This thing is almost as big as his bike! No, it did not come from us, we favor smaller gifts.

Finally, a spot of charka spinning to ground me. There are still a few presents that need ends hidden and wrapping wrapped but I am mostly done. Mike will put together his holiday cookie boxes in the morning and I will bring my work presents in tomorrow and hang them where mice cannot get them for the next day or two.

Phew! The next week will be a busy one with publishing parties (Little Squid), "office" parties (me X 2) and students who really want to be else where. Have a wonderful week!


Susan said...

Wait, wait. Publishing party? Do we get to know about this? Yay for Little Squid. Now I can say I know a published author!

Yup, looks like Christmas morning to me. I'm very impressed that your kids actually write thank you notes! I do not know of any young person who does this anymore. It was part of the tradition at my house when I was young. New dolly in my lap writing notes to the aunts.

I hope you are able to keep the menorah in the windowsill. I would imagine that for an outside person it is quite beautiful to see all the flames. Oh live way up high. Well maybe the birds can see it.

Are you planning on a long winter's nap anytime soon? And how do you like your new bike?

Helen said...

At the risk of over meme-ing you, I'm tagging you for yet another -- six weird things (see details on my blog).

I really enjoyed your Holiday Meme, but being Jewishly deprived for my whole life, couldnt' answer most of them.
We, however, go rather overboard on candles around here. I've often contemplated adding a menorah just because they're beautiful and I love the symbolism.

Cookie said...

I'm so glad the candles worked in the window. Much better than endangering reading materials.

Christmas mornings were always messier than that over here... and I'm an only child. *L* I'm very impressed with the same note writing, btw. Such lovely Squidlings...

When is your winter break? Will you all get a chance to sit down and relax during that time? I hope so. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

i think your daughter has a striking resemblance too your baby sister circa 1997. i hear the old man disagrees.

guess who