Thursday, December 28, 2006

More NYC during December

Yesterday we had to run some errands in the morning, we were also trying to get out of the way of our cleaning lady, so we took off on foot for the Main Post Office at 32nd Street. It just so happens that this exalted edifice (now covered in scaffolding so not photoworthy) is our post office -- you know, the one where packages go if you are not home. I realize that most of my blog readers live in locales where having one post office in walking distance is unusual -- we have at least 3.

After dropping off two packages and purchasing stamps we headed to the most local of famous department stores -- Macy's (nope, don't expect me to figure out how to substitute a star for an apostrophe). To avoid photo overload, most of the pictures are here and here (along with all of the car pictures and the rest from Christmas Day). The most exciting of the Macy's pretties? The Holiday Squid!
Fast -- identify the movie that this quote is from!After Macy's we wandered uptown, attempting to remember where the instrument store was. After a bit of arguing back and forth we managed to settle on the correct one and secured some reeds and cork grease for Squidette. Woo Hoo!

During our wanderings we found this:and along our path home we found this:and this:

Discriminating Squid that we are, we made no purchases from these locales but did indulge in some Chocolate Haven purchased Hot Chocolate when we came home.

Oh, and for those of you looking for knitting content ... umm there is none. The school blankie is being crocheted together -- three out of 6 panels are now one -- and there are lots of other projects in progress but none really photo worthy. I have been doing some spinning, though.


Susan said...

Thanks again for all the pics! I spent my computer time last night going through the albums. Too fun! And once I'd seen all the things you were showing, then I went back and looked at the incidental the people on the street or things reflected. I know..I need a life LOL. but I thought it all just wonderful. Thanks for sharing your good times with me.

Cookie said...

Macy★s :D

Symbol for AND. The symbol for number followed by 9733; Altogether get you ★ Wanna know how to do it in colors? :D

Do the people at your three post offices know you? Do they call out Squid! when you come in? Yeah, I'm at the post office too much. *L*