Monday, December 25, 2006

Squid On Christmas

What do Squid do on Christmas? (Be warned ... picture heavy.)

We start the day by giving (or attempting to give) blood. One successful, one not so. Got to hit those chocolate covered raisins harder in the days before an attempt -- hey, it worked last time!

Then, having achieved parking luck once, they attempt it again and, after taking a chance, park and walk down Fifth Avenue.

Rockefeller Center Tree

Saks Fifth Avenue
St. Patrick's Cathedral
Brooks Brothers
Unwound French Horns.An Alphabet Mr. Goodbar. (yea, we thought it was intestines)

Hustling back to the car (no ticket, phew!) they move downtown and, this time leaving a Squid in the car, view some more windows.

Some of the scenes at Lord and Taylor.

One last chance at a parking space is passed up in favor of home and hot chocolate.

A nice long rest and then off we will go to Christmas dinner with friends who need more children around for a proper Christmas.

Tomorrow the Saks windows and some drive by photos of the sights on 6th Avenue


Cookie said...

They are so cute!

Cartier... /sigh

Susan said...

Oh, I'm loving this! I really like all the packages spilling down beside the Cartier entrance. And the windows, and and and *G*. I agree...intestines! Thanks for sharing the day with me.

Susan said...

me again. Are the snowflakes at Saks lighted? You would laugh if you could see me getting up close and personal with my monitor trying to see every little bit of the pics. *G*