Saturday, December 30, 2006

Weird Things Meme

I was tagged by Helen for this one so here goes ...

1. I used to be a major Star Trek geek. Yup, constant convention attendance, pretending to be crew, 6 of the 9 yards. (Never did dress in costume or try to learn Klingon.)

2. I shave my legs and pits dry. Out of the shower, in a separate bathroom. Never shall H2O and razor meet. (In my defense, I seriously cut myself -- like 6 inch long scrape -- twice in college while shaving my legs.)

3. I have a (legitimate) graduate degree from a school I did not attend until well after the degree was awarded. (The branch of the City University I was attending did not give Masters Degrees and I refused to leave without one. A deal was cut with a different branch of the University, a paper was written and a degree was granted for work done off-site. The school in question now grants en-route Masters as a matter of course.) I later attended the second school for my educational supervisory/administrative credentials and have to ask for 2 transcripts from them any time I need one -- I also have to get the transcript from the original school to prove the coursework.)

4. I have 2 degrees in Biology and spend most of my work day as an administrator and have almost nothing to do with the subject at work.

5. It is almost impossible for me to eat a meal without some sort of text in front of me. If I eat at my desk, I read email. At home the table matter is usually the newspaper or magazines.

6. I would rather pay full price then go from store to store looking for a bargain. (This may only be weird to my mom and sisters.)

I'm going to be weird and not tag anyone with this right now ... maybe later.


Pooch said...

Hi Devorah,
I would like to send knitting needles for the children. The link for the address site has not worked for the last couple of days when I have tried it. Is there some way that I can access the address?

May God richly bless you as you bless these children with your talents.


Cookie said...

Star Trek is weird? o.0

Remind me to tell you were KnittyOtter and I met. ;^)

Helen said...

Uh oh... you mean I was supposed to list rabid Trekkieness in my list of weird? The fact that I too had a group of friends who made up the main members of the crew (get this ... our Chekov learned russian! our McCoy is now a doctor...) .. that was weird and should have been reported as such?

hmmmm.... nahhhhh

Sprite said...

LOL @ Cookie and grins at you... you Trecky girls. :) My sister was one of those. (she also collected Flintstones)

What a pain about your school work stuff and how scary/funny about the saving routine. Six inches beats my damage, but I did cut the back of my calf 3 times in my early twenties. I learned to never quick shave in the shower - so now I slow shave. I still have the scars on the back of one calf. I look like I tried to commit suicide on my calf. uck!