Sunday, January 14, 2007

Stay-at-home Saturday

Look! Two finished objects (three if you count each sock separately.)
Monkey for and on Squidette's feet.
A fun fur hat for Kate's project.

A glam shot of the ever lengthening Squidette.

And proof that she can no longer be used as a tool for getting cans off the top shelf with our risk of concussion. Papa Squid may have to start using the step ladder.
New on the needles ... mittens for the youngest sibling and another fun fur hat.


Susan said...

great socks! I'm feeling the need to get some on needles. I have this great orange yarn too! *G*

Cookie said...

Wonderful socks and great daughter!

Sprite said...

Love those socks! Will she let me borrow them? I have the perfect pair of blue pants. *grins*

My what LONG legs! Such a cute/beautiful/great daughter! She reminds me of the build I had in grade school.

Dang, don't they grow up just way too fast?

KnittyOtter said...

Those socks are fantasic!! :D

That yarn is way cool.