Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bagels Anyone?

I got cocky. Last night as I was cutting the bagels, I was thinking just how proficient I am at this chore. I started daydreaming about a post on proper bagel cutting procedure. I was contemplating how crunchy the crust was on this batch of bagels and how it was making them a bit more of a challenge of to cut. My mind was, obviously, not on my finger position. After all, I am an expert. Fingers, Shmingers.

You know what is coming. Yup, right into my finger. Rest easy, it was shallow and required no more than a band-aid. I was even able to finish slicing the bagels later in the evening and it only minorly effected my ability to knit and that was due more to the position of the injury and not its severity. I claimed that it was a mortal injury -- after all, I am mortal and I was injured -- but Mike wasn't buying it. He did finish cleaning out the sink, however, so I did not have to get the band-aid wet.

Tonight -- Thomas Quastoff at Carnegie Hall!


Cookie said...

Bagels are dangerous and clearly cannot be trusted in the kitchen.

/nods wisely

knitseashore said...

Hello -- I found your blog on the cycling knitters webring. It's nice to meet you. Are you riding in the NYC Five Boro coming up? The Knittin' Kitten and I and our husbands will be riding in this. I'd say it would be great to meet you, but with 30,000 might be tough. :)

I'm sorry to hear about your finger and I hope it heals soon!

Susan said...

Ouch! I hate when that happens. was the concert???

KnittyOtter said...

That's happened to me before. Oddly enough I was thinking cocky thoughts at the time too.

Those bagels are very humbling! o.0

Sprite said...

Poor finger! I know just how it feels!! Dang bagels.. you know it's all their fault!! *grins*