Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Contract!

I try not to bring money into this blog but my union's contract expired four years ago. Yesterday my union and the city declared that they had a contract and the news programs started touting how large a raise we are getting. Nowhere did anyone point out that this is a SEVEN year contract. SEVEN years folks. Four of them retroactive.

Come September everyone will be talking about how, with their huge raises, Principals and Assistant Principals should really show results now. Really. Can someone please point out that we have been without a contract for FOUR years? That the majority of the staff we supervise have had TWO contracts in that time? That, for the last two years, many of those we supervise were earning more than we were -- for fewer obligated hours. (Notice I said obligated. I know perfectly well that teachers work tons of hours outside of their contractual day. So do we.)

To quote Bill the Cat, thfft!

That said, I'm trying to think about what to do with my soon-to-be-larger salary and honestly, I can't think of anything we want or need. It's a nice feeling.

Now to figure out how to get back into the classroom part-time.

Tomorrow, maybe some knitting.


Ann said...

Shhhhhh..don't say that too loud, you aren't sure what to do with the money. I said that last week and $500 later I realized that extra money was to pay for my alternator that was about to break.


Cookie said...




Sounds like you almost need to start working on the next contract now with the way they're doing it. o.0

I agree with Ann. You say that and next thing you know you need to get your turtle braces or therapy or something.

Dave Daniels said...

Congratulations, it's about time they got that resolved. 4 years is too long to wait.
Will there be a new line of Squidcycles coming along?

fillyjonk said...

"with their huge raises, Principals and Assistant Principals should really show results now. "

I hope the people saying that understand that parents also have some accountability in this "learning biz"?

It frustrates me a little when people complain about the "state of education" but never seem to consider that making sure their kid has his homework done, making sure said kid is in bed by a decent hour on a schoolnight, and said kid isn't a massive caffeine addict by 12 should be part of the equation too.

(I have real issues with letting young kids have caffeinated sodas. I teach a youth group and I can see incredible differences in behavior on nights when the people providing food bring Coke vs. the nights they bring lemonade.)

Sprite said...

I say it's about dang time they got on the ball and started paying you! Still not as much as your worth. It always amazes me how people quibble over paying the VERY people that EDUCATE everyone what they're worth!! That's just too sad for words. WHO would be making a million IF someone hadn't educated them??? Yay! to more money for you!!