Friday, June 22, 2007

What to Do ...

Decisions, decisions. Summer of Socks began yesterday and I have yet to cast on. Cookie suggested that I knit socks for Squidette. That works since her feet are adult size so she qualifies for SOS. But what yarn to use? And what pattern?
Meanwhile, I did make this for the same woman-child but have to find a crochet hook to finish up.
From yesterday's birthday celebrations, proof that growing up does not mean for going presents!
Little Squid went out and bought the cat house with 5 cats for her. They then spent the evening playing with the cats. (If you got here by googling cat house and are sorely disappointed then I am sorry. Try googling bunny ranch instead.)
Birthday Souffle! No candle -- it would have made the souffle fall. Yummy!


knittin'_kitten said...

What pretty yarns to choose from! I'm always partial to shades of blue, but am also intrigued by those bright, variegated two in the middle! Happy Belated Birthday to Squidette! Souffle sounds yummy!

Dave Daniels said...

[Let's try posting a comment again...]
Cat house? Do people still use that term? And, if they do, would they know how to use a computer??? ;) That's just too funny. I actually had to think about that one when you wrote the Google comment.
Looks like someone had a great birthday.

Cookie said...

Could she pick the yarn? Or would that just be wrong? ;^)

Did you know they have their show on HBO? Don't ask how I know that. *L*