Thursday, August 16, 2007

Kentucky Woman ...

(with apologies to Neil Diamond)

O.k., if you are expecting me to compose this post aka Neil Diamond, you are sadly mistaken. John Denver was easier but I do not know any J.D. songs about Kentucky.

Instead you get pictures of fauna,
and lovely, wide open skies

and jerry-rigged knife sharpeners.
Apparently a very important piece got left at home and the price of lodging at my brother-in-law's was sharpened knives.

So we improvised.
Yes, that is a number 8 knitting needle and lots of o-hooks.

The view from the porch. Very relaxing to sit out there with no traffic and no neighbors.

The kids got their first taste of legal fireworks ...

the sparklers were duds ...but some of the other stuff was kind of cool.


Mary said...

What a fun time! Fireworks and relaxing by the pool. Can't do that in NYC!

Dave Daniels said...

I;m glad you're on vacation, but the whole KENTUCKY thing is just creeping me out. I mean, should y'all be NORTH of that area, like Vermont, upstate New York or even the Berkshires? I'm scared fer ya. Get home soon. And quickly! Really. There's just something wrong with that.
Was that Mr. Mike helping in the kitchen? Don't recall seeing that side of him before. :)

Penny said...

sad to hear the sparklers were duds.. i have fond memories of them (but still will not figure out how dad got them) ;) travel safely.

Susan said...

Nice to see your inventive ways are getting a workout! And cheap lodging too..well unless you had to pay a lot for the o-things. :-)