Monday, September 17, 2007

Same Difference

As we approached this, um thing, on the walk way yesterday, Squidette referred to it as an anvil. When I gently corrected her, she responded: "yea, well if if falls on your foot you get the same result as with an anvil. A flat foot."

And then when viewing this picture, she noticed the people beneath the, um thing you tie boats up to, and said "see, it is an anvil."

Hope your day is full of three-dimensional people.


Penny said...

dear squidette, thank you for making me smile this monday morning. i definitely needed it. you *are* correct by my definition of anvil. :) quick, define trafficated!

dear squidette's mom, thank you for posting this. i definitely needed it.

Cookie said...

Squidette for the win!

Mary said...

You've been tagged by me by something going around the 'net. Check it out and feel free to participate or not.

Sprite said...

Yay! for Squidette's witty observance!! Double Yay for Squidettes Mom have a great sense of humor, too! *hugs to both*