Sunday, September 16, 2007

Squid On Water

While Little Squid was in hebrew school this morning, Squidette and I got a little exercise. First, we walked to 57th Street and the Hudson River only to discover that the place we were going was closed due to a lack of volunteers. Then we continued walking uptown to 72nd Street where we found these:yup, kayaks! This little outpost was adequately staffed (there were two volunteers on duty) and so we went out on the water. No pictures since I had to keep my hands on the paddle.

We paddled around for a bit and then walked back home via the West Side County Fair, which was just setting up.
Squidette got to see a wooden cow up close and personal.
And then there were the cute animals.
Continuing our journey home, we did a spot of geocaching and found one that had evaded the entire Squid clan a few weeks back. When we sat down to log it, this is what we left:
Yes, our tush prints. You see, kayaking is a wet business.


Anne K. said...

Congrats on both kayak serendipity and geocaching success! My brother introduced me to geocaching a few years ago and we had great fun. Love the Big Wooden Cow shots, too!

knittin'_kitten said...

You really can find anything in NYC! The kayaking sounds like fun and the cow pics are great!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you have a country fair in NYC! That is SO cool.

I also can't believe Squid-ette can wear long pants. It's still horribly hot here. They promise a cool down this week. LOL It's going down to 89°!