Saturday, October 06, 2007

Oh the Agony!

Two days ago Squidette was invited to join the borough-wide band. This morning we realized that since the band meets on Saturday morning and Hebrew school meets on Sunday morning, both kids will not be able to join me for Rhinebeck. I was planning on going on Saturday, and since my Aunt is coming down from Massachusetts, I kind of have to be there that day.

The answer? Go both days of course! Now to find someone to share the driving since Mike will not be able to go either day. Ideally, someone to provide a ride for me and a Squidling one day and I will provide transit the other day. I have a mini van ... lots of storage room for goodies ... I am working on a good friend right now.

Oh, and I am both a player and a Square for Saturday blogger bingo.


Cookie said...

I wanna go!


Susan said...

Oh how I would love to help you out! I would just love to go there sometime. Maybe it's for the best..I'd probably be terribly overwhelmed. :-\

sloth-knits said...

Have fun at Rhinebeck! I wish I could go.

Kristen said...

If it's good weather Debby and I are going on the Saturday. Hope we run into you!

Penny said...

well, we are planning on sunday... we'll chat. e might like the day off, but he also might want to highly supervise my budget (which wouldn't be a bad thing with that kitchen).

we'll chat. not sure i can do a needle/yarn drop off tomorrow. we'll see.