Monday, October 01, 2007


I am typing this post sans glasses, which, for those of you who know me in person, means that my face is about 10 inches (or less) from the screen and the text is magnified big time.

Today, you see, has been "a day." Not a horrible day. No one died, no blood was shed but lots of stupid, annoying things happened.

It started with my glasses.

While getting into the shower this morning, I managed to whack my glasses off the sink, on to the floor. I glanced at them and they seemed fine, initially. Then the kids and I headed out the door and I kept fussing with my glasses, trying to get rid of the "hair" that was resting on my nose and bothering me. Glasses came off, face was wiped, glasses returned. Same problem. Nothing visual, it just felt like a single hair was resting on my nose. Finally, after driving a mile or so, we stopped at a light and I took a look at my glasses. And realized that one of the nose pieces was missing. Blah. Not horrible, just annoying.

The day continued in that vein. Got stuck behind a garbage truck for 15 minutes when I was detoured off of my usual route by construction. Was delayed by other construction after dropping off the kids. Found a nail in my, flat, tire. All bothersome but not horrible.

Came home, had a nice dinner with my family and searched the bathroom for the glasses nose piece, initially to no avail. On the second search, however, success! Out came the super glue, taking great care not to repeat my last debacle with the stuff. (Ask, it will give me blog fodder for tomorrow!) And I ever so carefully positioned the nose piece in the nose piece holder on my glasses. The spectacles were then gently set aside to dry while I read blogs with the text magnified so that I could see about 2 words per line.

After a few minutes I went to retrieve said glasses and discovered this.

Look closely at the positions of the nose pieces. Note the one pointing toward my eye not my nose. And this is why this post started out with me perching inches from the screen as Papa Squid and Squidette removed the misglued piece and reglued it into place. I am now, once again, properly bespectacled and ready to throw in the towel for the day. Or maybe knit ...


Susan said...

Oh my gosh! I do hope the rest of the week is less crazy. But thank goodness that Papa and Squidette were there to assist! tell me about the other superglue adventure.

Dave Daniels said...

Hey, at least it wasn't that silly girl who picked up one of your needles and broke it, put it down, and walked away. If she'd done that to your glasses...
(That was you, yes?)

Penny said...

{hugs} looks like my today.

I lost my glasses the other morning and couldn't find the emergency pair and after about 5 min of searching discovered i had batted them halfway UNDER the bed.

we will not talk about super glue and glasses.

hope today is better and that i get all the yuck.

Anonymous said...

Glad that Papa Squid and Squidette got them back to right.

Go knit makes eVERYTHING better.

Debby said...

I'm glad your glasses were able to be fixed, but oh how frustrating! Do tell us about the other adventure.

Thank you for another great photo tour of NYC in a previous post. I see that you are going to Rhinebeck. Hopefully I will see you there!

Cookie said...

I've always thought that one of life's crueler ironies was that we need our glasses to see so we can work on our glasses. I'm glad things are more in focus today, Mama Squid.