Monday, October 22, 2007


Squidette and I departed Manhattan armed with googlemaps directions, Dutchess County fairground directions and a GPS. The DCF directions are only from the Thruway and the Taconic and do not include directions to either road. That's where I had trouble. As a general rule, when I travel long distances, Papa Squid drives. It's not that I do not drive. I actually drive 5 days a week, to and from work, with and without kids in tow. (They look pretty silly dragging along behind the car.) Rather, he does the long haul driving and prefers to do it and I am happy to be a passenger and knit. Yesterday, however, Squidette and I went alone.

The GPS took us up the west side highway and over the G.W. bridge. Made perfect sense to me. Then it recalculated and tried to get me to go back over the bridge. Oops! I knew enough to realize that it is not too difficult to get to the NY State Thruway from Jersey. Unfortunately we have not done it that often so it is not instinctual. Squidette beat up the GPS a bit and we finally managed to get a route that set us going north. Despite our navigation difficulties, we managed to complete the trip without any more excitement. My daughter and I sang aloud and I enjoyed having her in the front passenger seat next to me -- a new milestone for her.

Once we arrived -- and I payed full price for my now "adult" daughter, we methodically made our way from barn to barn looking for the wool for Papa's new sweater. After a lovely conversation with one proprietor, I decided to abandon my quest for washed locks that I would then dye and process myself and settled for already washed and processed roving.
Papa's new sweater!

As I was concluding my purchase, I felt a pair of eyes on me and turned around to find ...Paul! He and I had a great chat and he promised that he had secured the stuff we were searching for for Susan. Good thing, too. I think I found it much later in the day but I since I wasn't sure, it was good to know that she will get it. Paul is a wonderful guy and I am really glad I finally got to meet him in person!
We watched a llama parade and met lots of people who said "are you Squid (s)?" It was so cool to be recognized by Cynthia and Jersey Knitter, Penny and a host of others.
We met Swatchy, Debbie, Jessie, Lindsey, Lorena, Karen and Lise. If I forgot anyone -- I'm sorry! I know there were two people who we had on our card last year but were not on it this year and I was stupid and didn't write their names down. I was trying so hard to remember who I was meeting, too!
Squidette with our purchases. Yup, we kept it small this year.
Penny and PG!

The line for deep fried artichokes. I just do not understand it!
Some pumpkins ...
And some foliage ...
On the way back we only took one wrong turn and had nasty traffic on the Thruway -- my kind of driving! Yup, I actually prefer traffic to wide open highways. I do not know what to do if my foot is not constantly hitting the brakes. Comes from doing most of my driving in manhattan.

Oh, and the rest of my purchases. A few kits from Morehouse Merino. I also got a pretty button but I can't find it right now.

Now to knit some of this stuff!


Penny said...

or how about the deep fried pickles? i'm curious but have had enough frying disasters I'm not sure I want to attempt these!

I am happy I met squidette and happy that all had a fun and productive time.

364 more days til next year. (oh wait, is it leap next year? oy..) ;)

Ina said...

It was great to finally meet you and the Squidette. I'm glad someone appreciated the drive home.

Dave Daniels said...

Wow, it really is a who's who of knit bloggers out there. I REALLY need to get out there one of these years. Thanks for the stories and photos.

CygKnit said...

Glad it was cool to be recognized, I felt as if I pounced on you! Good to see you and Squidette in person, even if I was a bit tongue-tied from the pouncing.

Dee said...

Looks like a good time was had by all!

Kristen said...

What fun! I see Squidette wore her pretty 'daylily' cardi.

vicki said...

Wow, I look kind of crazy when surrounded by that much yarn!

I agree with you about the artichokes, I can't see standing in a line like that for them. Though I did stand in a line like that for Socks That Rock, but we all know that's completely different. =)

Cookie said...

Sounds like you ladies had a wonderful time at Rhinebeck. :D And how lucky that Paul found you! Were you really drinking coffee with both hands? ;^)

Ya know, I'm the opposite. I'm happier driving on the open roads. Part of life in the burbs, I think.

Susan said...

I have never had fried artichokes but can vouch for deep fried pickles. Yum!

I thought your roving for Mike's sweater looked like rising bread dough.

And you got to meet Paul! What a great pic of you both. And it make me really happy to think that in the midst of all that fibery goodness, you thought of me. Thanks!

Looking forward to seeing Mike's sweater happen as well as the other projects.