Thursday, October 25, 2007

Teens Knitting: Juggling the Academics

Yesterday was report card day. As soon as one of "my" kids (be it scholar or knitter) walks into my office on report card day, I ask to see the report.

Traditionally, the knitting club spans the academic ranges with honor students and those needing lots of support knitting together. It gets a little weird as the high achievers bemoan their 95s and the kids who struggle cheer about their 80s -- and I cheer with them. Ultimately, the answer is to bring the topic around to something else -- or else talk about gym. All of our kids have gym with the same set of instructors and all of the instructors follow the same grading guidelines so it is a safe subject.

Then I broke out the candy that Paul sent! Everyone was happy and the girls laughed at me as I tried to be politically correct about the India/Pakistan/Bangladesh mix up that I always have with them. Then we tease the boy -- who is from the Bronx. Yesterday one girl learned how to bind off, increase and decrease, three girls cast on chenille scarves using stash from Paul's box and our boy learned how to purl. All in all, a lovely hour.

Tonight, parent-teacher conferences. I'm the teacher.

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Cookie said...

I think it's wonderful that the knitting club appeals to kids across the board.

Good luck with the conferences!