Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Time Boy!

Little Squid has developed a love for watches. It was all started by his grandmother who, herself, had an extensive watch collection (which I now own). She always insisted that the kids wear their watches, something that drove me a bit batty but was basically harmless. After all, why did the kids really have to know the time -- the adults in their lives controlled their schedule.

Now, however, I get on Squidette's case for not wearing a watch and Little Squid ... well he wears 7.

Except when he is sleeping. Then he only wears one.

Yes, they are all set to a different time zone. One is set to local time (the digital -- it has an alarm that he regularly uses), one to Casablanca, one to Jerusalem, one to the Galapagos Islands and one to New Zealand. (Two need new batteries.) When you ask him the time, he asks "where?"


Cookie said...

He is so cool!

Susan said...

Hmmm, now I'm curious. I can understand why local and why Jerusalem, but how were the other areas chosen??

Penny said...

Galapagos? He's like E!! :) [who these days keeps track on ny and Tokyo]

He needs a watch like my FIL's

or one in binary. or wait! this is awesome stonehenge!

if he finds a timex with a small face and white 1-12 and red 13-24 and it has indiglo, PLEASE let me know. that was my favouritest watch ever and i miss it.