Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Aftermath ... and other Blather

Here you go, cute picture of the kids sorting and swapping candy. This stuff will last until next Halloween -- at which point I will dump it. Yup -- did a big dump just before trick-or-treating started. All the stuff that didn't get eaten last year -- mostly Almond Joys.

Yes, it is a rather small haul. We live in a NORC (naturally occurring retirement community) and an average of less than 1 apartment per floor was giving out candy. We did all of both cores of our building -- 21 floors each and what you see was the result.

By the way, the "proper" way to trick-or-treat in an apartment building is to take the elevator to the top and then go down the stairs, floor by floor. For the first core, we had friends with small kids so my kids would shoot ahead, scout out the floor (candy-givers had paper pumpkins on their doors) and let us know if we should stop or keep going. For the second core, my legs gave out and I let the kids do the top 6 floors by them selves while I sat and knit on 15.

For all of you looking for my costume ... I didn't have one. My school doesn't allow costumes so a black suit with an orange blouse and my fancy nails was as halloweeny as I got. When I got home, the suit became jeans and I added a button that Sprite sent. By the way, you all should hop over to her blog and get info on how to send some holiday cheer to our troops.

There is knitting going on here and in the next day or two you should look for a finished Flower Basket Shawl and the start of Little Squid's new sweater.


Cookie said...


I always wondered how the trick or treating worked for the city folk.

Dave Daniels said...

Ohhhhh, so that's how they do it in the city. I live in a neighborhood of singles and young couples, so no kids. In all my life, I've NEVER seen a trick-or-treater in this city.
Is he wearing pajamas? If so, they are really cool, and I could use a set myself.
And the best candy in the shot? Your Kromski. THAT'S the eye candy I had my eyes on.

Susan said...

I clicked on the pic to make it bigger, checked out all the goodies and now I want candy. Dang!