Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sitting Alone in the Dark

Until just a moment ago, I was sitting alone in the dark. Now I have filled the darkness with the light of a single bulb -- and am still alone.

No, I'm not being metaphorical.

I got up at 6:15 and came out to have my tea in a still quiet living room. As is my wont, I did not turn on the lights but made the tea in the dark and then sat at my computer to read blogs. The light of the screen was plenty.

Until I had to plug in one of those spam preventer codes while commenting on a blog! I am not sure enough of my touch typing to do one as complex as this one was without looking at the keys. Hence the single bulb in my reading light.

Now I guess I'll read blogs and knit on my vest.


Dave Daniels said...

I can't touch type. 10 fingers. 110 keys on the keyboard. You just KNOW I'm gonna mave typos. It's a given. (And I use that line at work a lot. I wasn't hired for my typing abilities.)
Does your laptop have a built in mini-light? I have one on my IBM Stinkpad. Er, IMB Thinkpad.

Mary said...

You're knitting by computer light? I love the combination of old tech and new tech!

Cookie said...

You weren't in the dark. You have the light of your laptop to keep you company! That plenty of light for a lot of things.

/computer geek