Monday, February 11, 2008

Sicky Icky

Now it's me. Mike is still feeling miserable but went to work. Squidette is still holding on to her health and Little Squid is just fine as long as he doesn't touch his boo boo.

I'm going to drive the kids to school and then pop into work to drop off some stuff -- my note from Little Squid's school validating my running out on Friday and a list of things that my department has to do during their monthly meeting.

Then I'm coming home and curling back up on the couch. As no knitting has occurred over the last two days, I suspect that things will be much the same today. It's been a long time since I have taken a sick day to be ... sick.

I tell my kids that there are 3 things that will keep them home from school: fever, vomit and diarrhea. (And a migraine for Little Squid) Being a proper role model, I am using this rule for myself as well. The first reason, not the icky ones.

I am grateful that I have good kids. They really could have taken advantage of two sick parents this weekend but instead they pitched in and helped out. Little Squid helped Mike do laundry (usually my job and made worse by Maria's absence this week). Squidette made rice krispie squares. And both ran and fetched things for me when asked. Otherwise, they played on their computers all weekend. (Squidette went out and played a little but Little Squid was not allowed to run around.) Squidette even offered to take Little Squid to school today but it is 11 degrees out. I can suck it up enough to drive them.


Dave Daniels said...

I hope you're feeling better quickly. And, yes, it's 11 here, too, and WINDY. That's just TOO cold, even for a winter freak like me.

Anonymous said...

refuah shleima ! let's see if it'll let me comment this time..

let me know by noon if you'd like me to drop off something (chicken soup?) ... it is on my way home if i want it to be.

Anonymous said...

Yuck! 11 degrees, really? Sick and nasty weather too. That's not fair.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

I'd take Peninah up on the chicken soup offer! :-)

Cookie said...


I hope you and Mike feel better soon.

Ina said...

Feel better!

Kristen said...

Get well soon! Your children are treasures.

Susan said...

Oh do be good to yourselves. The respiratory stuff this year is just horrid and hard to get past. You've got some amazing children!