Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunny Day ...

So the clouds are gone but it was still too cold and too windy to ride. Oh well, there is always next weekend.

Let's see how I did with my goals for this weekend:

1. Get on the trainer as soon as this post is done.


2. Spin some more cotton -- only 7 grams left of the colorful stuff.

Finished spinning and plying it. It is now skeined and soaking (and running) in the sink. What can I do with 380 yards of lace weight cotton?

3. Laundry (with some spindle spinning while washing / drying).

No spinning while this happened -- Mike did the laundry while I was doing #6.

4. Take Squidette and her ever growing feet for shoes and other girl stuff.

New shoes and a blow dryer with diffuser (for her curly hair) purchased. And a pretzel at Aunt Annies.

5. Make more progress on Squidette's blanket -- the yellow has now been broken with the purple and there are now 3 skeins of yarn in use, going to 4 by the end of the evening (3 of them yellow).

Ripped back the 3 rows that I had knit and then made actual progress with 4 more rows before abandoning it for a sock. My brain and my head (sinus headache) was hurting. You try knitting with a chart that is almost as big as the blanket on your lap! I'll do a few more rows tonight after my yarn is done washing.

6. Synagogue knitting group.

Done and Done! We finished 3 blankets -- the one I showed a week or so ago, one constructed almost entirely by the other group leader and one more assembled by another group member. I brought the almost completed fourth blanket home and will finish it before the next meeting.

I also plyed the orangy wool that I spun two weeks ago. That is soaking in one half of the kitchen sink while the cotton is on the other side.

There you go. Yup, it was a productive weekend. Now if the weather had been nicer I would not have been nearly as productive but it still would have been nice.


Anonymous said...

> what to do with 380 yards of lace weight cotton?

kippah!! :)

er, actually i don't know, but that's the intent with which i purchased the cotton i did last summer. i have three different colours and i thought they'd be gorgeous in a kippah. but i have to get better at spinning longer stapled stuff first. :)

Susan said...

Goodness, you got a lot done! Could the cotton become a lacy summer scarf?

Cat said...

Wow you did great with your list. Don't you just love the feeling of accomplishment?