Friday, March 21, 2008

Thursday Roundup and a Sweater from the Past

Work, meeting, tea with my folks. That's it.

What? You want more?

Mind if I skip the first two?

How about this? The gifting of the Daddy.

Doesn't look like much, does it? Lil' Sis and I stood in for all 5 siblings and presented Daddy with his birthday present, 10 days early. He kept saying that he didn't want a fuss, so we kept it low key. A birthday card/photo collage/ poem constructed by the eldest sib and a pair of tickets to Young Frankenstein. Lil' Sis and I stepped away after the last picture to let Dad regain his composure.

Since I can never leave my folks empty handed, I came home with this:

Knit by my Bubby for my Zedda. Now, unfortunately, full of moth holes and stains and, in my opinion, unsalvageable. But, now documented for posterity. Look at that detail. She even put in ribbon to stabilize the buttons.


Kristen said...

Puttin' on the Riiiitz! I love Young Frankenstein; your dad is lucky.
What a wonderful family heirloom. There must be someone in NYC who can salvage the sweater.

Anonymous said...

I see the knitting gene runs deep in your family!

It is a very pretty sweater.

Is Daddy wearing a Brandeis shirt? Cool!

Mary said...

Oh, but it's a lovely sweater!

My mother also used ribbon on the button bands.

Susan said...

I've never made a sweater, but I thought all good sweaters had ribbon under the buttons. /me always had them on my 'twin sets'. But..maybe my mom sewed it on. I love that sweater. Are those like gussets across the back? Oh, I do wish there was a way to salvage it.

Lola said...

That's a very interesting sweater. Any idea where the original pattern was from? I think this sould be fairly easy to duplicate.