Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tooth Fairy Shenanigans

Seems that a tooth was lost in this family yesterday but I am only just finding out now. Why? My children (and husband) seem to be trying to trap the tooth fairy. I'm gathering the pieces to the story as left in the letter that the Tooth Fairy delivered and as dragged out of my family.

Best I can figure is that Little Squid lost a tooth in school, went to the Nurse and got some sort of container. What kind, I can't tell you since I never saw it.

The tooth fairy apparently appeared last night and, to use her words, "searched high and low" for it. Apparently she even looked under the rug.

Tenacious lady fairy.

The tooth was ultimately located under my pillow.

** blink, blink **

The letter was left at Little Squid's place at the table and the payment was left in the freezer. Where Little Squid failed to see it. But Squidette did.

Despite all of this evidence, they still seem to think that I am the tooth fairy. I'm dumb struck. How could they still believe this? And why would they doubt me.

The two of them are whispering at the table as I type this. Thft!

Oh, and I was woken very early by something moving my pillows around. I think the Tooth Fairy is losing her touch.


Bethyaz said...

Well then, Papa Squid must be much less trained in the ways of the tooth faerie then you, he must have been looking for the tooth, of course!

The Tooth Fairy said...

Well, as long as no one found me out, then that is a good thing.
Squid, enjoy your treasures.
And be sure to brush extra tonight. ;)

Anonymous said...

And, though it's generally kept quiet for fear of overloading the department, there is a special unit run by Nimbo the Nosehair Nebbish.

Upon pulling exactly your sixth nosehair, and placing it carefully in a plastic see-through baggie under a down pillow, Nimbo the Nebbish collects the nosehair and replaces it with a fresh container of magic earwax.

Cat said...

LOL too cute LOL.


Anonymous said...

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Emmis. I am in charge of the TFA's magic earwax conjuring department. I am usually called by my nickname -- Emmis the Earwax Conjurer.

I assure you that Nimbo is a devoted member of our team. He is dedicated to the recovery of sixth nosehairs. These are then gathered together with thousands of other sixth nosehairs and converted to earhairs, so that old men have more hair to flop over, helping cover inherited baldness.

If you don't inherit baldness, then you pluck the earhairs, and if you're conscientious about it, the eighteenth earhairs are reconverted to sixth nosehairs.

And life goes on.

Ina said...

Heh. Around here, the Tooth Fairy would have to negotiate past all the UFOs.