Monday, April 07, 2008

Good for Distraction

I have found the solution to all of our problems ... when you are feeling out of sorts, just start singing the Elliot Moose song . It is absolutely impossible to be down with this silly song running though your head! Yes, I wandered the halls of school today alternately humming and singing it softly as I bounced along. Hey, whatever works.

To answer Anita's question from yesterday: we are reading Asterix in English. No one on my side of the family ever mastered French. So yes, we may be losing something in the translation but I was laughing my sides off as I read Asterix the Legionary while knitting last night, so it probably isn't too far off.

The blanket is coming along. I fell behind a bit last week but managed to catch up and get ahead yesterday. Three of the five petals are done and number four is a day or two from its finish.

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