Sunday, April 13, 2008

Squid on Wheels -- Separte but Equal (almost)

It is a damp, slightly chilly day, today, but ride we did. Yesterday, in contrast, was warm and perfect (despite overcast skies) for riding but recitals and operas got in the way. That's the way things go sometimes.

Today, however, we could not easily ride as a family if we wanted to be sure of avoiding the rain that is predicted. So, we did the next best thing, we kind of rode together.

Little Squid and I saddled up and peddled uptown for Hebrew School, stowing his bike in the cloak room. Papa and Squidette drove uptown, unfolded their bikes and, with me in tow, did a loop and then some of Central Park. Breakfast at the dinner for the three older Squid and then Papa and Squidette drove home while Little Squid and I did another partial loop of Central Park (we did a small bit on the way uptown) and rode home. Total credited family mileage: 12.4. Squidette did about 9 but did a smaller, uncredited ride, with me a week or so ago, so she is caught up for family mileage purposes.

(Photos were taken today in Central Park. Unfortunately, the over cast conditions does not show the lovely flowers at their best. My favorite, the forsythia, are almost finished blooming for the year.)


Sarah said...

The Park looks so pretty! I'll bet the blossoms smelled nice. Glad you were able to get out for a ride today!

Cat said...

Oh I am so glad you are getting out again and biking.


knitseashore said...

Beautiful pink trees! I'm so glad you were able to ride, even if you had to do it in shifts. Hopefully you can all ride together soon.

Susan said...

Glad to see y'all out and about on the bikes. Even if you did sort of have to do it in shifts.