Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Things come in threes. Right?

Today it was mildly annoying but ultimately solvable things -- and I had to wait eight hours to figure out what number three was.

First: Little Squid came out of his room, this morning, sobbing and waving a piece of paper. Turns out it was a trip form with the money due last Friday. Oops. Good thing that schools tend to set false deadlines. Since it was only one school day late, there was no problem.

Second: As I unlocked my office door, one of my (male) teachers noted that my skirt zipper was open. Since the thing was so dang tough to close, I thought this highly unlikely. Until I ran my hand over my backside. And felt my underpants. Blush! The zipper decided to part ways in the middle and split from middle to top and bottom. It took a helpful rookie teacher (female), a pair of sweatpants, a pair of pliers, a needle and thread and finally, for good luck, a safety pin to set things somewhat right. Mike will have to cut me out of it later.

As I racked my brains for thing number three, I could not think of one. Then I arrived home.

Pulling into the parking lot, I stopped a bit short and sent some of the stuff in the back rattling around. This reminded me that Mike had gone shopping last week and left some of the non-perishables in the car. I was supposed to bring some of them up with me.

Opening the trunk, I cast my eyes about for likely candidates and came to light on the bag of chocolate chips. Oh, did I mention that the temperature got into the 80s today? Correct my previous statement to read: the bag of chocolate goo.

Ah ha! Thing the third!

(It's now in the fridge hardening into a block of chocolate good for chopping into chips for cookies and such.)

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