Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good News, Bad News

Good News: I got my car back from the shop and it's all shiny, clean and (on the driver's side) dent free.

Bad News: I filled the gas tank ... $72. I'm riding my bike to work today.

Good News: Little Squid graduates from elementary school tomorrow. (We're taking the subway.)

Bad News: Squidette becomes a teenager on Saturday. (O.k., maybe it's not really bad news.)

Good News: I finished warping the loom.

Bad News: I still haven't finished the blanket. Something about not knitting on it and summer temperatures ...

So ... the verdict is that the good news is really nice and the bad news ... not so bad.


Susan said...

Major things happening at your house! And, I think the blanket needs to go off for a summer vacation.

Penny said...

{hugs} what a busy week!

Anonymous said...

Oh my ... one leaving elementary school! That's a little bit sad. Your baby is growing up AND you are getting a shiny new teenager!

Actually --- those were our best years around here. Hope you will find the same.

Happy birthday to Squidette and happy "graduation" to Little Squid. Can we still call him "Little"?