Monday, June 09, 2008


Following a bit of nagging from Susan, I decided to put some time in on Squidette's blanket. I knit 2 rows and then determined that the air cooling was not up to the challenge of a 95 degree day and a huge wool blanket on my lap. Then I took a long look at the blanket and realized that I was two repeats beyond where I needed to be. Oops.

The blanket went onto the bed and we decided that I did not have to rip back the bottom, I just had to do the planned surgery on the top.
Blanket top, before.
SNIP! and pick up.
More pick up. (I used three sets of circular needles for this part.)
Free at last!
Blanket top, after.
Reattached at the bottom with a three needle bind off.

Tonight, ripping the top back to the safety line and picking up the stitches. There is absolutely no way that I am then going to knit on it. Highs today are going to be around 97 degrees. And I'm riding my bike to and from work. Eep!


Dee said...

Y'all are having some seriously crazy weather. It's hotter in NYC than it is in Florida -- but not by much. We'll be 93 today!

Susan said...

Me nag? Surely you jest! :-) You're a brave woman with all that snipping. Be careful in that heat. Don't want you to turn into a fried squid!

Ina said...

Blanket? In this weather??? (Runs away screaming. No, wait, it's too hot for that.)

Cat said...

OM five letters for you gf, B-R-A-V-E
You go Susan!!! LOL. The blanket is a treasure and I'm sure she will honor it forever.