Tuesday, July 08, 2008

R i i i p p p

It was while watching today's time trials that I finally came out of a Tour induced stupor and realized that if getting the sock over my heel was a struggle, then I probably was not going to wear the socks. I knit a few more rows after switching to a larger needle and then finally caved in and ripped it back. Time to start over.

Mike and Squidette are at a "all about the Performing Arts High Schools" seminar and Little Squid and I are home enjoying a quiet evening. After I finish this post, I will put on my audiobook and get down to some sprint knitting.

No knit finishing today. Instead, we finally managed to get a maintenance worker up to repair our broken towel rod and toilet paper holder. Not their fault. The towel rod has been broken for over a year ... we just never got around to calling to have it fixed. The toilet paper holder fell off the wall last week and broke in two. That was a problem.

Mike and I did take a short walk and spotted this sign. This place apparently makes the best tuna fish sandwiches in the city.
KnittyOtter asked when I was going to show off our summer egg creams ... well, they are tricky to photograph since they disappear so fast ... but maybe Thursday. I'll even share the sacrilege of our newest invention, the Ginger enhanced Egg Cream.
Lastly ... we passed the 300 mile mark today for family biking. We are putting on 11.5 miles every time the kids agree to ride to camp and have done 3 camp rides so far. Technically, Little Squid does 10.5 and Squidette does 11.5 if he decides to go straight home and not while away the hour between their ending times. However ... Squidette owes the family 22 miles for a couple of rides that we did without her and did not put in the over all totals. So ... we are crediting Little Squid with Squidette's extra mile per day -- which he does sometimes ride. All in all, we figure that it will even out in the long run.


Kristen said...

Hope you catch up quickly after ripping back. I tend to knit tightly especially when working with 2 colors and need to go up at least one needle size. Congrats on the mileage milestone.

Susan said...

Oh that's so frustrating! At least you didn't just keep going. On my tiny excursions into 2 color knitting I've discovered that everything turns out smaller..I'll listen to Kristen next time.