Sunday, July 20, 2008

TdF: Intermediate Sprint #2

The challenge: the ride around your town and share what is special.

[Edited to add: oops, didn't read the instructions carefully enough and missed the deadline!]

The additional challenge: Um ... this is what much of Squid Knits is about. Is my post going to be subject to accusations of doping?

And, yet one more challenge: I am turning this contest entry into a contest itself. Anyone who correctly identifies all of the structures, in photographs labeled with a letter, will be entered into a drawing for some yummy yarn of my choosing and some chocolate that is native to my locale. One caveat, the prize will not be sent out until the cooler weather due to the chocolate content.

Contest closes at midnight, July 31, 2008.

And here we go ...

I live in a small island situated where a fairly famous river meets the Atlantic Ocean.
Over the last several years, my island has become more and more bike friendly and one can ride around the island with roughly half the trip being along, or really close to, the water.Near the southern tip of our island sits a small fort. This fort served as the main immigration intake center until facilities on an island to our west took over.

My grandfather came through the facilities shown below, which are, alas, not accessible by bicycle.

Several bridges connect my island with both the mainland


and another, much larger, island to our east.(D)

At least one of these bridges has been sold by aspiring entrepreneurs the world over. This particular bridge was also the site of my first date with the man who is now my loving husband.

My island was, unfortunately, the target of some horrid attacks almost 7 years ago and the damage is still evident.
But we are also home to the final resting place of a President and his wife.

This tiny island is home to both very tall and very small structures.


Some of them dress up for the holidays.(H)

But my island is home to more than just buildings, we even have areas that are somewhat natural.
And areas that serve to fulfill the most basic needs of my family.
Figured it out yet? Need one more hint? Our local newspaper is published less then a mile from our home.


Dee said...

A. Castle Garden

B. Ellis Island

C. Manhattan Bridge and

D. Brooklyn Bridge

E. U. S. Grant and his wife, Julia
Dent Grant

F. Time Warner Building

G. Chelsea Diner?

H. Cartier

How'd I do for a Florida girl?

T. said...

I was trying...but have only figured out Ellis Island and Brooklyn bridge. My NYC geography isn't so good....

Ina said...

As always, a great photo tour!

Risa said...

A. Castle Garden
B. Ellis Island
C. George Washington Bridge
D. Brooklyn Bridge
E. Grants Tomb
F. New York Times Building
G. Cheyenne Diner
H. Cartier

Cat said...

Love the pictures.


Susan said...

I know some of them, but I'm still researching. Just didn't want you to think I wasn't playing :-)

Susan said...

ok, here's what I have so far.
A. Castle Clinton Nat'l Monument.
B. Ellis Island
C. Still working on this
D. Brooklyn Bridge.
E. Grant's Tomb
F. Still working on this one too but getting closer.
G. Cheyenne Diner.
H. Cartier's at Christmas.

I have to sleep now. :-)