Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Squid on Wheels -- International Edition -- The Food

As you well know, we squid take our food very seriously. While traveling, we do our best to partake of local cuisine. We even go to the extreme of trying to track down good local food on the road.

Our first food foray of the trip was to the Main Street Ice Cream Parlor in Chestertown, New York.Wonderful food in a homey setting. We did not indulge in ice cream since we wanted to get back on the road fairly quickly.

On our first full day in Montreal, we did quite a bit of biking and needed to refuel before our attempt on Mount Royal. Serious exercise calls for serious food, in this case smoked meat sandwiches from Schwartz's Deli.
We did take out and dined al fresco at the base of Mount Royal.

And then comes the question -- why does one climb a mountain? The answer, supplied by my husband, "for the ice cream of course!" No pictures of that indulgence. We ate while walking back up to the peak because Little Squid and I felt that the point of riding a bike up the mountain was to get to the peak -- which Mike bypassed after toping out on the trail just meters below the peak. Silly us, we followed. Do'h! We then had to reascend about half a kilometer to get to the actual summit.

Lunch the next day was at a diner and included a plate of poutine. That's french fries covered in gravy and cheese curd to you Americans. It was surprisingly addicting. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised since there was a serious poutine following before we joined the bandwagon. I just didn't expect to really, really like it!

Dinners were fantastic though not photographed. We had lots of French, some Polish and some touristy food, including crepes and fondue in Quebec City.
A little chocolate fondue to end the meal

Midday snacks were plentiful and consisted mostly of ice cream,

Maple Ice Cream!!! With maple sugar bits in it!!!

but had the occasional local specialty thrown in to mix it up. (No picture of the maple coronets consumed in Quebec City.) Keep in mind that the maple ice cream was local, so it counts.
And once we reached New Hampshire ... there were blackberries!


Sarah said...

What an exciting summer vacation! Now I want to go back to Montreal too! Congrats on biking up the mtn!!!

Kristen said...

The poutine doesn't grab me- not a big fry lover- but the maple ice cream sounds irresistable!

Cookie said...

I am so hungry now.


Penny said...

I should travel with you.. we go to similar places (sometimes) but you eat so much better than we do. Especially those mid-day snacks (E isn't big on those though he had promised me icecream..) I must say poutine doesn't grab me but i've heard of a vege version that sounds interesting.. ;)

Susan said...

Poutine sounds fabulous! Maybe someday Canadian cuisine will be as popular as Asian and it will find it's way here. Nah...I doubt I'll live that long. It takes awhile.