Tuesday, September 09, 2008

And the Youngest Gets Older

Yes, another sappy birthday post. An open letter to my son on his birthday.

Dear Little Squid,

From the moment you entered our lives you filled our days with joy and laughter. From proclaiming "there must be squid around here somewhere," to losing the mitten from the hand holding your lunch box, to all your sweet, heartfelt hugs ... You are loving and kind and talented and oh, so smart.

Along with your sister, you make this family whole.
May this year bring you sunshine and happiness!

Happy Birthday, Little Squid!

(and Happy Birthday, Cousin Squid (pictured above in the arms of Little Squid))


Penny said...

Happy Birthday Little Squid!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Little Squid. May this next year bring you joy and lots of fun times!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday, Little Squid! Hoping you have lots of fun adventures this year!

Anne K. said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Cookie said...

Happy Birthday, Little Squid!

Susan said...

I'm late...or else early for next year! I hope your birthday was loads of fun and I hope this year is better than you can even imagine.