Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whine ...

They are only minor annoyances, in the general scheme of things, but really! Do they all have to happen at the same time?

First the cold water tap in the bathtub / shower stripped. But it was still usable so we didn't call it in. When I suddenly needed a screwdriver to take my shower, yesterday, we decided that it might have progressed to "pretty important" but still not "get someone in here right now." Then Mike could not turn off the water after his shower and it became "get someone here tonight." And maintenance came. And when they left we had water restored to sink and toilet ... but not shower / tub. Did I mention that we only have one shower / tub?

Then my hard drive totally crashed. It had been giving hints for a week or so but I was in denial and did not back up. Yup. Lost everything and now have a very expensive brick.

Then this morning, while doing a trial "do" on Squidette this morning, the hair monster (clippy thing) that she was going to wear on Saturday, broke. $18 at Lord and Taylor. I'm not happy.

In the grand scheme of things, not horrible. Not even really bad. Just annoying. My cousin in Texas ... she was lucky, relatively minor damage but that's in comparison to what's around her. Now that folks, that's really bad and, for those that lost everything, horrible.

Let's just say that I am in a "mood" and will try to snap out of it. Maybe it's supposed to be this way? Lots of little things go awry now so that things will go smoothly this weekend?

What do you think?


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Susan said...

It may not be major in the grand scheme, but right now in your life, it's at least majorly annoying. So deserved whine allowed.