Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Marathon Closures

Consider this a PSA for Central Park users:

The New York City Road Runners organization has closed a section of the Central Park Drive to pretty much all serious users except, of course, runners. They can use the foot path. Those of us who ride or skate, however, are out of luck. As of this evening one could not ride in the roadway between 72nd Street and 59th Street. It will be interesting to see if I can even get into the park at 59th Street tomorrow morning.

Please note that I noticed this today. It may have started yesterday but I would not know because it rained and I drove to work.

This closure is so they can put up all of the gimmickry that they use in the marathon. They started building the grandstands late last week -- those block part of the pedestrian path, so everyone is being put out, not just those of us on wheels.

If, in the next few days, I am hit by a car on a section of street that is bypassing the closed section of the park, I will hold the Road Runners responsible. I'm that angry.

Forget that NYC, and particularly Manhattan, will be impossible to navigate on Sunday. They are already making life difficult for the rest of the park-using public.

How dare they!

Biking events in NYC shut down streets for a limited (as in maybe a few hours) period of time. But to shut down a significant part of Manhattan for days???

This is why Mike will not run in the marathon. Consider it a personal boycott.

Oh, and it really messes with our plans to circumnavigate the borough on Sunday. Or, frankly, do any sizable ride that does not involve New Jersey.

Rant over. Back to your regularly scheduled, happy go lucky blog.


Penny said...

My fear of bridges kept me out of the marathon, but I am saddened to learn of this. I used to dream greatly of taking part.

But to shut down the park not for the event itself but for the hoopla surrounding it, sure it brings in $ to this city, but people, real human people, live here too and we are inconvenienced soo much by "stuff" here would it be so hard to do this say, saturday (over) NIGHT?!

{HUGS} please check in for us b/c I'll now be even more worried about you biking. I don't trust cars here.

Did you get the envelope yet? I'm worried that yesterdays rain may have disintegrated it and you may receive the envelope but not the contents.

Mary said...

You can get crosstown via the transverses at 79th and 86th Streets even on Sunday.

Be careful!

T. said...

That does seem a bit ridiculous.
Have I told you how I dream of living in your city, even with road closures and traffic chaos??