Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tour de ???

(On the left, Yankee Stadium. On the right, Yankee Stadium.)
(Left - Old, Right - New)

We were supposed to ride the Tour de Bronx today. We even started it. After waiting for 2 hours in the cold. Then, after a slow start, the Tour paused again. For at least 15 minutes.
(Waiting in the cold)

We looked at each other, shivering and shaking, and started to back track to the porta-potties we'd spied a quarter mile back . Shortly before reaching what turned out to be really disgusting porta potties (don't ask!) we discovered friends sitting, injured, on the ground. One was o.k., the other had been rear-ended and had chipped a tooth and injured her wrist. They arranged for transport, we waited on line for the above mentioned facilities and then did not use them (yeah, immagine the worst you can and then add excrement). Then we consulted a map and our GPS and made our way home after only 2.5 miles of the tour. It wasn't fun and it was not worth being unhappy.

We had a lovely ride home over the Third Avenue Bridge and across town on 125th Street and the kids agreed that they could indeed do a long ride in these temperatures provided that standing around for 2 hours and stop and go riding was not in the mix.
(Riding bundled up. It really was a glorious day to ride.)

After examining the situation -- when we were riding, Little Squid was leading our pack and quickly making his way to the front of the ride -- we have decided to forgo future rides like this, save perhaps the Tour de Brooklyn.

Our family pace is a bit faster then this kind of ride is geared for but still too slow for the longer ride that went with it (and started at the same time and hence subject to the same delays). There was nothing wrong with this ride, per se, except for the long delay in the start which leaving us shivering in the cold (The ride started almost an hour after scheduled). It just was not what we wanted today.

The ride home, in the glorious sunshine with no stops from 125th Street to 27th Street, was lovely and we were dressed quite appropriately for riding in temperatures in the high 40s. We all had balaclavas (nicknamed Baclavas) and the kids wore jackets purchased for me (over their fleeces). (Squidette wore my brand new riding jacket, Little Squid wore a rain jacket that turned out to be too short in sleeve for me but was never returned, I wore an old biking jacket of Mike's and Mike wore his own stuff.) We were all layered and everyone was shedding a layer or gloves or something before we reached home. Except for me. I'm always cold.

We are planning a ride for two weeks from today. Just us and some friends. If we can figure out a way to avoid the Marathon ...

Next weekend? The Specialized High School Admissions Test, Borough-wide band auditions and ... Apple Picking!


Susan said...

I'm glad you were able to turn a less than ideal situation into a win-win. You needed a ride today to get ready for the week to come

T. said...

Sounds like you made lemonade out of lemons! And I can't imagine how terrible those porta potties must have been.

Sarah said...

Standing in the cold is not fun! You were brave to last so long before changing your plans. I'm glad you ended up enjoying your own tour after the rough start to the day. !