Sunday, November 02, 2008

Squid on Wheels: Contest Winner!

And the October 31 mileage was ...

745 miles. Exactly the same as last year!

So, the winner is ... Ikkinlala!

Congratulations! If you send me your snail mail address and favorite color I will put together a prize package.


Now that that's taken care of ... we actually did some riding yesterday. It was a balmy 51 degrees in the morning and I managed to convince the kids to ride up to band practice instead of my driving them up. The ride is an easy one -- at least for me. The boro-wide band practices in my school building, so it is a ride I've been doing 3-5 times per week lately.

While there, they played and I continued cleaning up a bookroom so I can clear the textbooks out of my office. Then we all rode to the west side to check out a newly opened piece of park and Mike rode up to join us there.

The ride home was glorious! We rode from 130th Street to 26th without stopping once! No traffic lights, no crowds of pedestrians. It was great!

14.5 miles

And the kids? They both got first seat in their instruments and Little Squid was told that he could do the Pops program this year in flute and then next year in oboe once he has a year of it under his belt. Squidette was invited to do the Pops program again even though it is supposed to be a single year thing. Way cool!


Anonymous said...

That IS way cool. Congratulations to both kids!

Susan said...'ve worked hard and certainly deserve the accolades!

knitseashore said...

Congratulations to both of your kids. That is quite the accomplishment!