Sunday, February 01, 2009

Food, Kids, Food and Clocks

The first food picture is really too disgusting to start a pleasant blog post with so instead, I present something easy on the eyes ...

Squidette and Little Squid in Concert.
Now that your eyes are rested and you've oohed and ah'd and wished you could hear them ... I will forever blind you with the first picture of ...
the Bacon Explosion.

Time to rest your eyes again with some apple turnovers.
Yes, that is a smiley face on the bottom one.
Piles of French toast -- but no snow!
Just a few pretzels ...
And more Bacon Explosion.

How about a Nixie Clock to calm your beating heart after all of that bacon?


knitseashore said...

The bacon doesn't do much for me, but those turnovers look incredible. Yum! Thank you also for the entertaining by Squidette and Little Squid, and the nixie clock link. I had never heard of that before, but am happy to have learned something new!

Cookie said...

I will never be the same again.