Sunday, April 19, 2009

Of Caching and Good Deeds

On this last day of break Squidette decided that she wanted to get in on the caching fun. As Squidette, Little Squid and I had a commitment at the synagogue, mid-morning, we decided to subway uptown on the west side and walk across Central Park to our destination, detouring for a cache or two.We aimed for two and found one on the first leg of our journey, then hustled across town for a little bit of Good Deed doing.
On our way across town we stopped briefly to admire Cleopatra's Needle and the crabs holding it upright.

Two hours later, deeds done, we grabbed sandwiches from a local shop and headed back to Central Park via a street side cache (really quick grab by Not-So-Little Squid) and ate our lunch al fresco next to the Alice in Wonderland Statue (where the cache had gone missing).
Onwards, past some pretty flowers, we hustled to another Did-not-find where we were met by Mike on his bike. He stayed with us while we hunted out and found another cache and then he rode back home while the kids and I attempted three more caches and found two for a total of 8 attempted and 5 found for the day. That makes 11 in the last three days!

Very little crafting got done but I do intend to now put on my audio book and do some prep work for the next set of carding. As I prep this roving I'm realizing that the dye did not soak in as much as I would have liked so I may wind up redying this once it is spun. I won't try it again now for fear of felting it.


ikkinlala said...

It looks like a gorgeous day!

Susan said...

Oh I just knew you were going to start your own worm farm. Darn that Maria :) Sounds like your break was quite varied and fun and I love the colors you dyed just the way they are. What were you trying for?

Mary said...

What a good end of vacation!